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Professional golfers and their pastimes besides golf

Golf is one of the most exclusive sports in the world. The tournaments, which are held throughout the year as part of the PGA Tour, attract large crowds of spectators – both on the golf course and at home in front of the television. You can also visit the Bitcoin Roulette from home. This is not the only reason why many fans have an increased interest in the top stars among golfers – many professional golfers have an interesting hobby besides golf. Read more here:

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest players in this sport. And in his best times, he has always been a serious challenger to anyone who has placed online bets. The 44-year-old was not only fantastic in golf, he has also become a huge celebrity. As a result, many sports fans around the world suddenly became interested in his private life. Some will be surprised, but Woods is partially colour-blind and one might think that this fact would have an impact on his choice of hobbies. Anyway, just recently Woods claimed that his current favourite pastime is puzzling.

Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia has been a professional golfer for two decades and has won thirty-five tournaments in that time. The 40-year-old is famous for his tantrum after a bad swing and his well executed drop kick afterwards is a reference to the hobby in which the Spaniard happens to be very good. Before he devoted himself to golf, Garcia could have made his breakthrough as a professional footballer and is still involved in the sport today. Garcia is president and chairman of his regional team CF Borriol.

Paul Casey
It is always advisable to ensure that your pastime does not negatively affect your daily work. Unfortunately, Paul Casey’s hobby almost ended his professional golf career in 2012. The 42-year-old loves snowboarding, but after skiing down a slope in Colorado, he fell and sustained a serious shoulder injury. Casey was lucky, however, and was back in action within a few months. To this day the Cheltenham-born star is still in love with this pastime.

Luke Donald
The former number one of the golf world rankings Luke Donald, has been practising the sport professionally since 2001. Since then he has won seventeen professional titles and has also won a few awards in his career. Awarded the Order of the British Empire (MBE), the Hemel Hempstead-born Englishman plays mainly on the PGA Tour in the United States, but is also a member of the European Tour. What many don’t know, Donald was enrolled at Northwestern University in Illinois, where he studied art. There he developed an amazing talent for painting and off the golf course Donald will most likely be found at his easel working on another masterpiece.

It is interesting to see what golfers do off the course. Many players are also excellent in other areas. Who would have thought that Tiger Woods spends his time with puzzles, even though he is partially color blind? He also enjoys playing video games. And could Sergio Garcia have made it to the upper echelons of football if he had continued along this path instead of devoting himself to golf? I guess we’ll never know.

Golf – a “hygienic” sport

Those measures should prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. And just in March and April as well as at the beginning of May of all days, the weather conditions in Germany and elsewhere were actually ideal for the outdoor sport of golf. This met with much incomprehension. After all, golf is a sport in which the rules of hygiene, especially the minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 metres, can be observed without any problems. How high the losses due to missing tournament and green fee income will be is not yet foreseeable for the golf clubs or the operators of the golf courses.

However, not only golf clubs and course operators are suffering losses, but also the organisations of major golf tournaments worldwide. Those responsible there had already early on postponed the golf tournaments scheduled for this season indefinitely due to the uncertainty of how far the virus would spread. These include the Masters, the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship. These are all golf tournaments on which bets can be placed. Current golf betting odds are always fresh and up-to-date on Oddspedia.

Impact on golf sport not yet foreseeable
It is not yet known how the corona crisis will affect golf or the current season. However, the organisers in the golf sport had reacted very quickly and to the pandemic which is spreading very rapidly. The organizers of the PGA Tour, for example, announced right at the beginning of the Corona crisis that the Players Championship had to be cancelled. This should also affect all other events on the PGA Tour, except the Valero Texas Open.

The LPGA Tour was a bit more hesitant. The LPGA Tour was a bit more hesitant, and announced that the tournaments would be cancelled. These were the Volvik Founders Cup in Arizona and the Kia Classic and ANA Inspiration in California. The cancellations were made because the LPGA Tour will definitely put safety first. The LPGA commissioner has also issued a statement on these measures. He said that the LPGA relied on the full support of all parties involved in its decisions. It was also stated that all events on the LPGA Tour would be re-introduced in a timetable for 2020. It was also acknowledged that the Corona crisis will have a negative impact – on players, sponsors and of course the fans will have to be understanding. Because of the corona crisis, professional golf has come to a complete standstill. Golf tournaments will be held on the European Tour and the PGA Tour from 21 May 2020 at the earliest. The EuroPro Tour has now been cancelled for the entire 2020 season.

Betting providers fight with tournament cancellation
Betting providers are also increasingly struggling with the elimination of all tournaments – not to mention the many betting friends who currently have no choice but to choose from other betting disciplines apart from professional sports. For now there is enough time to study the comprehensive statistics and golf betting odds.